"Sand Garden in Hauz"

Installation work in the hauz in front of JO'YBOLI KALON,

unique Madrasa for women in Bukhara, a city on Silk Road (Uzbekistan), October, 2008

Sand Garden in Hauz at Bukhara -2

By draining symbolic water (rippled sand) into a dried hauz (pool) pertained to a traditional Islamic architecture, I wanted to create a space where two distant cultures, that of Japanese Zen and that of Uzbekistan Muslim,meet in harmony. In the first culture, the material world is only an illusion. In the second culture, perfect geometry leads to spirituality beyond the visible world. Needless to say, the installation makes homage to Silk Road that brought the first real global civilization exchange.

Sand Garden in Hauz at Bukhara - Entrance of water***Sand Garden in Hauz at Bukhara - preparation work


and finally people walked through the garden .

This creation and my participation to Tashkentale 08 with Midori Sakurai and Jun'ichiro Ishii

were supported by Pola Art Foundation and Japan Foundation.


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